Hospital Walk Through

General Instructions For Patients And Relatives

  • You are free to choose any category of accommodation. Your billing class will be dependent on the category of room you select.
  • All the rooms are equipped with the basic facilities.
  • The room shall be vacated when patient is transferred to ICU. Room holding by relative is permitted at extra cost.
  • This is subject to availability of rooms. Relative has to vacate the Room, If required for Patient service.
  • As food is an important aspect for quality patient care, patient food will be provided by the hospital cafeteria as per the consultant advice and patient’s nutrition requirements. Total 7 services / day are provided to the patient in the patient room.
  • No outside food is allowed in the hospital premises either for patient or for attendant.
  • Hospital has 24X7 working in-house pharmacy. All medicines will be provided to you directly at your room against doctor’s prescription. We don’t allow to get medicines from outside for the quality control purpose.
  • Hospital has a well equipped and fully automatic pathology and imaging services department. All investigations available in hospital have to be performed here only.
  • In case of surgical patient, patient shall not be taken for the surgery without getting OT Clearance from billing department and clinical clearance from anesthetist / physician.
  • The admission department is not allowed to issue extra reliever or attendant passes. Friends and visitors are encouraged to visit the patient during 4 pm to 7 pm only with visitor pass.
  • This policy is to ensure infection control and to avoid the disturbance to patient and treating personnel.
  • We encourage patient’s attendants to use linen which hospital provides. Please avoid bringing in outside linen, as this may cause infection.
  • For relatives and attendants we have facility of cafeteria on ground floor. Out-side food is not allowed in
  • Relatives are allowed to keep mobiles in the premises, but please keep them on vibration mode to avoid the disturbance to any patient. Please talk slowly.
  • Visitors should maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise to optimize patient rest. Keep visit short and quiet.
  • Children below 12 years are not allowed in patient areas for their own safety.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.
  • The discharge can be given by your attending Consultant after his/her visit in writing or by giving discharge instruction to in-house doctor on phone.
  • Room checkout / Discharge Time is 12.00 Noon.
  • After declaring discharge, it may take minimum 2 hours to complete the entire discharge procedure.
  • In case you have availed the cashless facility, time taken for discharge will depend upon authorization received from the TPA or insurance company. This time could range from 4 hours to a day depending on
  • We will not levy extra Room charge Due to TPA approval / Procedural delay in Billing.
  • After settling the total bill, your discharge will be authorized by the billing dept.
  • You will be given discharge summary and all the investigation reports on discharge. In case of reimbursement / cash less, you will be given the copy of reports and hospital C-Form.
  • After completing discharge formalities, the details about post discharge care would be explained to you by our in-house doctors / RMO.
  • At the time of discharge, issued relative passes shall be returned to billing department. In case of any misplacement or loss of passes, Rs.100/- per pass will be charged.
  • At the time of Admission and Discharge, Nursing Staff will verify the Room facilities.

Some Important Numbers

Reception701 / 702Nursing Station 1120
Cafeteria725Nursing Station 2 A260
I P Billing704Nursing Station 2 B270
TPA / Corporate705Nursing Station 3320

Patient's Rights And Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights Patient’s Responsibilities
Right to access own clinical records and medical information To provide relevant contact details
Right to have detailed information about the treatment given To give complete details about one’s medical history & other information
Privacy for treatment, records and information To understand that patient’s medical records will be shown to authorized statutory bodies
Involvement in Decision Making for one’s treatment and to refuse treatment Participation in Decision Making for one’s treatment
Right to receive respect for religious beliefs without affecting treatment. To behavepolitely and respectfully with all.
Right to Complain about any dissatisfaction To provide feedback regarding hospital stay experience
Right to have treatment Cost To pay the bills regularly
Right to have safe environment To take care of valuables (Personal and Hospital)

Our General OPD Schedule

Available 24x7 For Trauma And Emergencies

Days8AM to 2PM4PM to 8PM