Interventional radiology uses imaging technologies to guide and perform medical procedures that are done to diagnose and treat a wide range of health concerns.

We offer all Neuro and Peripheral Vascular and Non vascular interventions at our hospital. All procedures are image-guided minimally invasive treatments of medical and surgical conditions.

In Interventional Radiology, Vascular lesions are treated via endovascular route, thus avoiding surgery and its complications. Most of the procedures are performed via a small hole in groin area and are performed under local anesthesia.

Interventional procedures(s) and treatment are available for disorders like :

  • Neurological problems like ischemic stroke, Carotid and intracranial stenting, subarachnoid hemorrhage (aneurysm), brain hemorrhage (AVM) and central venous thrombosis.
  • Spine problems like spinal arteriovenous shunts and spinal tumors.
  • Bleeding problems like Gastrointestinal and abdominal bleed, hemoptysis and hematuria.
  • Tumors like Transarterial chemoembolization, bland Tumor embolization for tumor bleed, preoperative embolization for vascular tumors.
  • Minimally invasive surgical alternatives such as uterine artery embolization for uterine fibroids, prostatic artery embolization for BPH, genicular artery embolization for knee osteoarthritis.
  • Peripheral interventions such as varicose vein management, peripheral arterial disease interventions and management of diabetic foot.

Treatment is offered by experienced and expert Consultant Interventional Neuro radiologist & Peripheral Vascular Interventionist Dr. Milan Jolapara, supported by our trained medical and paramedical staff and advanced infrastructure.