The Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma at Aashka Multispeciality hospital consists of a dedicated team of physicians/intensivists, nurses and medical officers, all of who come together to treat critically ill or injured adults and children. Our team brings to the table an extraordinary blend of knowledge, skill and compassion for every patient we serve in emergency ward.

Aashka Emergency Department is prepared and equipped to provide comprehensive and efficient emergency care to patients in need of medical and surgical intervention to treat critical and acute illnesses and injuries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This Team is extremely committed to provide the best and the Urgent care to all Emergency & Trauma patients.

Emergency Department for patient is supported by an easily accessible dedicated entrance, with ramp to facilitate the transfer of patients to ER. We have the best facilities available at the time of Accidents and other such life-threatening circumstances.

With Emergency Department we have Complete 24 *7 back up of ICU, SICU, PICU, NICU, Pathology Lab, and Radiology Services & Operation Theatres. Emergency department with well trained and efficient doctors, critical care specialists & nursing staff, trained for all kind of emergencies. ICU-on- wheels ambulances with all latest equipment for prehospital care. Plaster Room, Observation Room, and Emergency Operation Theater (with operation table, lights and Anesthesia machines) for Acute Emergency within the Vicinity of ER. All Medico legal cases are accepted &. ER equipped with facilities of world class Equipments like Defibrillator, multipara monitor, ventilator, portable X-ray, Sonography & 2D Echo machines. CODE BLUE facility with Disaster management. Staff is trained for patient resuscitation. Dedicated elevators for immediate transfer of patients from ER to the operating rooms Or Intensive Care Units. A Pneumatic transport system for laboratory samples.

We Serve

?  24×7 Emergency Consultant Support

?  24×7 Trauma Team Support

?  24×7 Superspeciality Support

?  24×7 Ambulance Service Support

     –Advance Ambulances
     – Portable Ventilator
     – Trained Paramedics
     – ACLS , BLS, Trained Doctors