Redefining Healthcare

Aashka Hospital has a multi faceted approach towards hospital management.

Aashka Infrastructure

Aashka hospital is designed withstate of the art infrastructure amidst a calm and serene environ. Moreover this hospital aims at serving patients from all socio-economical classes unanimously.

Aashka Workitude

The working attitude at Aashka is worker friendly for employees & it aims at fostering a healthy easy professional relationship amongst employees.

Aashka Add - on

For the doctors and medical practitioners, working at Aashka is advantageous because of its adherence to global health care standards and follow up with modern technological advancements.

Aashka - Aims :

Following global health care standards.
Be located in an accessible area wherein serenity is maintained.
Inculcate advanced medical technology.
Be the industrial frontiers in hospital and medicinal practices.
Provide supreme services to both domestic & international patients.
To make hospital experience a more hospitable one with easy, economical & ethical hospital initiatives.